Privacy Policy

PERSONAL INFORMATION (Lonely travel) respects your privacy and takes all the necessary precautions to keep your information securely. It is guaranteed that your information will not be shared by third parties. E-mail, phone number, and any other contact information gathered by reservation will not be shared commercially.

SECURITY OF YOUR IDENTITY (Lonely Travel) never reveals its customers identity to third parties. We only share your identity in the existence of a document that a person bring from the government authorities. Otherwise, your information will be safe with us.

SERVER STATISTICS We analyze the data in our website in order to improve ourselves continuously. This data does not contain any personal information or are not related to our visitors identity.

IP ADDRESS IP addresses are unique for each PC that is connected to web. It is used for identifying the users’ data transfer. uses IP addresses in reservation system in order to trace its customers. By this way, secure payment and anti-fraud is guaranteed. We do not see and transfer IP address of any customers except reservation system.

SECURE DATA TRANSFER / TRANSACTION Lonely Travel uses a secure SSL connection that uses 128-bit data encryption in order to ensure the highest level of security level for all credit cards. (Lonely Travel) reserves the right of changing those information and applies the any kind of change to the website instantly.